Are there age limits or fitness requirements?

Anyone planning to skydive must bring a government-issued identification and must be 18 years of age. No exceptions. And be reasonable fit, able to lift legs from a seated position.

Are there weight limits?

The limit is 240 lbs. A reasonably proportioned person up to 255 lbs. may be eligible to jump. Call 360-432-8000 to verify that we can accommodate you.

What should I bring?

A photo ID with date of birth and cash or credit card to pay balance due.

What should I wear?

Dress in comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. We will provide a jumpsuit, goggles, and soft leather hat. Wear shoes that will not fall off and do not have hooks. (No hiking boots, flip flops, or sandals.) You will have to jump with empty pockets and minimum (or better yet no) jewelry. If you wish to change, we have spacious bathrooms available for your convenience.

What happens when I arrive?

You’ll check in at the Manifest window in the Hangar where you show your photo ID, fill out the required paper work, pay for your jump (cash or credit card only), and meet your instructor.

When will I jump?

Arrive at the time of your booking and plan to spend two to three hours on site. Typically, you will jump anywhere from two to four hours after arrival. Timing depends on the weather and the size of your group. Friends and family who are invited to watch should be prepared to wait. They can relax at picnic tables around the hangar and watch jumps from the airport viewing area.

What about my glasses/contacts?

We will supply goggles that can go over glasses and contacts.

How high will we go and how fast will I fall?

We jump from 13,500 ft. unless clouds prohibit us from getting that high. (By law, we cannot skydive through clouds.) During your minute of freefall, the average speed is 120 mph or 200 ft. per second!  

Will I be able to I breathe?

You will be able to breathe normally. After all, you will be surrounded by fresh air!

What does it feel like?

You do not get the sinking stomach feeling that you do on roller coasters or amusement park rides. Although impossible to describe, it will be the most invigorating, one-of-a-kind experience you have ever had.

Does weather ever prevent a jump?

Blue skies are the best: clouds, rain, and wind can all prevent skydiving. For tandem jumping, clouds must be at least 8,000 ft. above the ground, and then jumps are limited to 7,500 ft. The first concern is always safety.

Do you jump in the winter?

We jump all year round. For cold weather, just be sure to dress warmly in layers.

Are refunds available?

We do not issue refunds but will reschedule your jump for another day at no additional charge.

I have a disability. Can I skydive?

You should be able to skydive with almost any type of disability.  If you have any medical problems, check with your doctor first.  Be sure to tell your instructor ahead of time, particularly if you have back or joint problems. We may require proof from your doctor that it is safe for you to skydive.

Can I jump at the same time as my friends?

You may ride in the airplane together, but each tandem jumper leaves the plane separately from other jumpers.

Can we get just one video for all of us?

Each jump is made separately so the videographer can only shoot one jumper at a time.

Any no-nos?

No smoking in the hangar or around gear. And absolutely no alcoholic beverages within eight hours of arrival.

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